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Further Training

Head: Ulrike Wolf

One of Difu’s central tasks is the knowledge transfer between research and municipal practice as well as the organisation of the exchange of experiences between the municipalities and the regional associations. The Difu seminars cover the whole thematic spectrum of future matters for the municipalities. Furthermore, the Mobilitätsforum Bund (or as it was previously known "Fahrradakademie"), the Skills Centre for Municipal Climate Change Mitigation (Service- und Kompetenzzentrum: Kommunaler Klimaschutz (SK:KK)) and the Dialogue Forum “German government meets municipal practice: shaping inclusive child and youth welfare services” (Dialogforum Kinder- und Jugendhilfe) offer numerous topically focused events, which range from webinars and networking meetings to large conferences and bar camps. These events reach several thousand participants

Around thirty individually designed Difu seminars per year allow representatives from administration and politics, but also from municipal enterprises the opportunity to gain new knowledge in a safe atmosphere, to talk about innovation strategies and solutions, and to develop ideas for the urgent future matters together. Furthermore, informal meetings always provide the opportunity to meet people and deepen relationships. The majority of seminars take place in Berlin, but a selection of them also take place as regional seminars in other cities, always in cooperation with the local city administration. Internet seminars on frequently requested and important current topics supplement our service.

Our donor cities and organisations benefit from reduced participation fees for the Difu seminars. In addition, we offer them, both at their offices or online, reduced in-house-seminars which are module-based and tailored to the specific needs of the cities and associations.

You can find all Difu events (in German) at Veranstaltungen.