Photo: abstract image: a path marked with yellow lines in an exhibition space was photographed from an elevated position.

Knowledge Management

Head: Susanne Plagemann

The Knowledge Management Department supports the Research Departments as an internal service organisation.

Internet team

The internet team manages the institute’s website and other specific internet applications. We inform the public of the ongoing work of the institute through the Difu newsletter and project-specific websites.

IT team

The IT team manages the whole IT infrastructure at both offices in Cologne and Berlin. It maintains hardware, software, servers, application systems, internet connections as well as telephony and network services, and it helps our employees to use IT.


The library provides the researchers with literature, in particular with periodicals. On the subject of urban affairs, there is close cooperation with the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (Central and state public library Berlin). The team looks after the institute’s online repository, offers advice on publication topics, such a licences or secondary publication and provides support for using library tools.