Photo: a room with people at a counter and an escalator was photographed from an elevated position

General Administration

Commercial director: Dipl.-Geogr. Luise Adrian

Successful research and work in the interest of the cities requires a backbone of functioning organs and the administration at Difu is at its heart. One of its tasks is administration work within the narrower meaning of the word. In particular, the general administration department performs a wide spectrum of internal services. Above all it advises and supports the research areas - from applying for and managing external funds to ongoing cost control and questions of personnel development. As such it forms the necessary foundations to achieve ambitious goals. When the share of external funding amounts to more than 70 percent, communication with the commissioning and fulfilling institutions, project sponsors, contractual parties and not least with the auditing institutes is also one of the central tasks that require the skills, reliability and sometimes also the patience of all teams in the general administration department.

The General Administration has four teams:

Finance and Controlling
External Funds Management
Human Resources
Central Services