Topic Mobility


Head: Anne Klein-Hitpaß

In the context of the energy and transport revolution, the municipalities are facing a great challenge. On the one hand, they have to provide the people with attractive mobility opportunities and ensure the supply of goods and services. And on the other hand, they have to redress the congestion of the traffic infrastructures and means and, if they want to make their necessary contribution to the reduction of global environmental pollution, they must initiate measures regarding air pollution control, noise reduction and climate change mitigation. Furthermore, in order to also be able to use the valuable town and city centre streets as a protected area for residence, socialising and living for the population, car traffic should be reduced.

We advise and support towns, cities and communities on the following topics: further development of urban traffic policies, integration of good provisions for pedestrians and cyclists, the expansion of public transport into a multi-modal traffic system, the conversion of motorised traffic to electromobility and an urban-friendly integration of new mobility opportunities (“mobility as a service”, micromobility).

Our research focuses are:

  • Integrated multimodal urban and traffic planning
  • Traffic financing and traffic policy
  • Bicycle traffic, pedestrian traffic, new mobility opportunities (“mobility as a service”)
  • Public transport
  • Urban-friendly car mobility, parking management
  • Traffic safety, commercial trade in urban areas

The Research Department Mobility has two teams:

Local Mobility

Urban and Regional Traffic