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German Journal of Urban Studies

The journal has ceased publication after issue No.2/2009


The "German Journal of Urban Studies", like its predecessor of many years standing, the "Archiv für Kommunalwissenschaften", is a forum for all disciplines related to urban studies. The objective is to further the transfer of knowledge from research and scholarship to local government praxis, and of practitioners' experience and expectations to the academic community. The journal thus addresses scholars and researchers, all actors involved in local government-like councils, public authorities, industry, the media, and professional associations-and the interested (professional) public. New elements are the thematic focus of each number and the complete English Internet version of the journal, which will hopefully further the increasingly important exchange of experience, particularly at the European level.

The changeover from the "Archiv für Kommunalwissenschaften" to the "German Journal of Urban Studies" took place with Vol. 40 (2001), No.1.

Sections of the Journal

A specific theme is "In Focus" in each number, entrusted to the editorial care of a reputed expert. The editorial introduction by the issue editor is followed by three to four contributions from different authors. If the featured theme calls for it, an interview might be included, e.g., with an expert from the practical side. A summary precedes each article.

One or two additional topics deserving particular attention from the local government and urban studies scene are kept "In View".

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