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The People at Difu

The institute’s employees are its most important resource. As of December 2009, Difu has around 100 permanent and fixed-term contract employees on a full-time or part time basis.

Difu’s research and further training work is marked by a high degree of interdisciplinary cooperation. This is reflected in the diverse range of our personnel’s expert qualifications, which include urban and regional planning, engineering, transport science, law, environmental sciences, geography, economics, architecture, political science, sociology, landscape planning, information sciences et al. Furthermore, the practical experience many of our workers have gathered – for example in municipal administrations, ministries, commercial enterprises – ensures our research is application-oriented and that our institute is in no way a scholarly “ivory tower”.

Our employee database makes it possible to search for names, specialty fields and the names of the people linked with these fields, and for various divisions. A brief overview is available in PDF format on the download page.