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Benefits for Difu Contributors

The contributors are the institute’s main cooperation partners. The contributors are primarily towns and cities, but may also be municipal associations and planning associations. By cooperating closely with the towns and cities, Difu ensures that its work is directly related to their needs. The towns and cities jointly account for around 22 percent (statues: 2009) of Difu’s budget and use all the institute’s services.

Direct or indirect member cities of the German German Association of Towns and Cities and member cities of the German Association of Municipalities may join the institute.

Modern urban management requires knowledge in all the areas relevant to municipalities which is not just sound but also up-to-date. For financial reasons, many towns and cities have to give up their own urban research. Without the relevant knowledge, it is difficult to make the right decisions, and decisions which are wrong or are made too late can lead to high costs.  This is where the institute’s work begins: Difu research topics are not ivory tower topics. As the research institute of the German towns and cities, the institute works in a practical way, advising municipalities and supporting their further training. Research results are made available in print or online, and the information networks initiated by Difu promote an exchange of information between the municipalities.

Thus, being a contributor is worth it in terms of the bottom line, as the towns and cities, associations and planning associations enjoy a lot of benefits:

Personal Advice
Contributing towns and cities (administrative and council representatives) can contact the institute directly with specialized questions; they have an opportunity to speak with and to seek advice from experts in all the specialized areas related to the municipalities.
direct contact

Practical training courses
Difu contributors pay greatly reduced seminar fees. Difu Seminars are generally booked out very quickly. Contributors are given priority when the seminar places are allocated. This means that non-contributors often miss out on places in events for which there is a high demand, as they have already been allocated to the Difu towns and cities. 

On-site training
On-site training, such as courses for the local administration on new laws or current developments, are offered to contributors at very reasonable prices directly in the city concerned. This possibility is very useful for the towns and cities in issues which affect several city administration specialized areas as well as policy equally. It also means that travel costs can be saved.
If you are interested, please contact the Difu training team

Your city as a subject for study
Contributors are given preference by Difu in the selection of case study cities as part of studies. This means that the cities included not only obtain detailed analysed of their situation, but also benefit directly from the up-to-date knowledge transfer. A city often has little time to do its own research work and it would also be very expensive for a city to commission individual studies. 
If you are interested, please contact the press office team

Exchange of experiences with other cities
It is important to exchange experiences so as to assess the position of one’s own city and to find out about the experiences, problems and solutions of comparable cities. Difu offers regular meetings, some of which are exclusively for contributors.
If you are interested, please contact the press office team

24-hour free access to Difu data bases
The online research material in the Difu data bases is only free of charge to contributors. The Difu data bases enable access to comprehensive information, not just through literature (references) which are relevant to the municipalities, but also, for example, via municipal surveys conducted by cities together with their results. In some cases, full articles are offered which go beyond the literature references. Thus, contributors can learn about and benefit from the experiences of other cities.
Data bank access

Access to exclusive information in the Extranet
Background information on significant issues of municipal policies and administration are made available exclusively to members in the Difu Extranet. As well as the lectures and presentations, members particularly value the opportunity to access the Difu seminar reports, as many cities are understandably unable to attend all the training courses that interest them. Do you have any questions about the use of the Extranet and the possibilities of access? Then please contact our Knowledge management team.

Every new release appears on your desk immediately
The new releases of all the Difu publications are automatically sent to members free of charge. This means that you will always know the research results and discoveries on municipal subject before other people. This ensures that member cities have an edge over non-members in terms of knowledge.
Contact the Difu publishing house and the sales department

Last, but not least: Difu – an organization of solidarity between German cities
Difu was founded in 1973 as an organization of solidarity between German cities. All the cities and municipalities benefit from research activity and participation at the federal level in many decision-making processes which are relevant for the municipalities (such as amendments to construction law, municipal tax reform or the design of large funding programmes such as the Socially Integrative City). This means that financial support, apart from the current benefit for the city itself, is a gesture of solidarity which makes its way back to the city’s coffers in a roundabout way. The members provide around 22 percent of the institution’s budget and have access to all the benefits.

You can download this overview of the advantages for Difu members in flyer format in our download area.

If you are interested in becoming a Difu member or would like more information, please contact the Press Office.

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