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Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik gGmbH
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The Institute’s Four Research Divisions

The research fields pursued at the German Institute of Urban Studies are divided into four thematic areas:

In our research divisions, we compile studies, appraisals and research reports in the framework of research projects. Furthermore, we devise further training schemes and plan important expert symposia, realizing them in cooperation with Difu’s Further Training Division, municipalities and other project partners. When dealing with broader-reaching issues we pursue an interdisciplinary approach that involves all Difu research divisions.

Our research work is founded on:

  • constant dialogue with the municipal authorities responsible for practical implementation to enable us to identify and address issues and research questions of primary and exemplary significance at an early stage;
  • the premise of organizing empirical research in the form of municipal case studies that bear universally relevant conclusions and which can thus benefit other municipalities;
  • devising forms of cooperation with municipalities (e.g. case studies, surveys and project-related research groups), the German Association of Towns and Cities and Länder and federal ministries in implementing projects and other initiatives;
  • close contact with municipal policy-makers and access to key information and data regarding municipalities;
  • qualified consultancy services primarily provided to municipalities that contribute funding to the institute; these are particularly valuable given the vast practical expertise of our staff.

The institute puts great stock in implementing sound and up-to-date research processes and methodology that are individually tailored to meet the demands of specific projects.