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Editorial Office

Difu publishes a wide range of publications. The main addressees are city administrations and councils, although associations, organizations, the media, universities and interested members of the general public are also targeted.

In order to effectively reach addressees, the Difu Editorial Office prepares content for publication, tailoring it to our target groups and publishing it in various series in print form and/or online.

The “Edition Difu – Stadt Forschung Praxis” provides substantiated knowledge on developmental contexts and systematic analyses. This series presents the findings from practice-oriented research projects.

Sonderveröffentlichungen” document the results of projects large-scale contract and concomitant research – available in print and/or online.

Publications in the “Difu-Arbeitshilfen” section focus primarily on disseminating practice-oriented knowledge, particularly background knowledge.

Publications in the “Difu-Impulsen” series report on current research and further training activities, intermunicipal experience sharing and municipal environmental protection.

The “Difu-Papers” series contains summaries of texts on municipal issues in various languages.

The “Informationen zur modernen Stadtgeschichte” places urban development in a historical context.

“Difu-Berichte”, are quarterly newsletters published by the institute that report on Difu research findings, opinions, further training, publications and other Difu activities relevant to municipal issues.