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Working Group for Expert Conferences and Youth Welfare (Arbeitsgruppe Fachtagungen Jugendhilfe, AGFJ)

The AGFJ at the German Institute of Urban Affairs has been organizing nationwide expert conferences addressing problems and issues surrounding municipal administrative action on child and youth welfare since 1995.

The aim and conceptual approach of these conferences is to initiate broad dialogue among experts at all relevant governmental and independent institutions dealing with child and youth welfare and to involve other professionals participating in child and youth welfare initiatives.

The pursuit of this aim is reflected in the thematic focuses of the conferences and the engagement of speakers from a vast range of disciplines; these forums provide the opportunity to present experiences, models, problem-solving strategies and innovations from different municipalities and Länder in various fields of youth welfare and to make suggestions for the further development of youth welfare throughout Germany, thus fostering the development of local networks.

AGFJ events are important forums for conveying the main political action aims of the German Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), for informing on (new) legal regulations and for experience transfer between the BMFSFJ and municipal practitioners; the results are documented in the projects own publication series “Aktuelle Beiträge zur Kinder- und Jugendhilfe”.

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