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Further Training

Further training for municipal practice counts as one of the main tasks of the institute. The Difu further training service establishes intensive contact with the municipalities and with the transfer of current research findings also functions as an important interface between theory and practice, thus standing as a competent and reliable partner of municipal players in Germany.

The qualification requirements of staff in municipal administration and city departments, as well as those of the political officers and their further training requirements, are in constant flux and rises continuously due to the complexities of many problems within the municipalities. Reasons for this development include the changes in staff structures as a result of limited financial leeway and the consequently continuous intensification of labour. In addition there is the assumption of new tasks following a change in demographic, economic and ecological framework conditions, as well as changes in laws and sub legal regulations. More than ever before, a high level of specialist, social and methodical competence is needed in the municipal administration, the development of which is efficiently supported by Difu with its thematically broad and practice-oriented further training service. At the same time, Difu offers a platform for knowledge exchange and the construction of informal networks within the framework of its further training activities.

In order to do these demands justice, several further training services have been developed by Difu aimed at diverse target groups with an on-the-whole diversified array of topics:

Further training programme

The annual programme traditionally represents the core product of Difu’s further training. The municipality hosts the ‘Berlin Seminars’ (usually over the course of two days), symposiums, regional seminars, ‘Hot Topic Seminars’ concerning topical issues and, if desired, in-house events.

Difu Seminars

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Youth support taskforce symposium (AGFJ)

These events are aimed at managers within the child and youth support sector and primarily serve towards providing an exchange of knowledge as well as notification and localization of innovative models for administrative operations when dealing with difficult problems. The goal is to create a suitable framework by means of a network consisting of various protagonists and/or their perspectives and approaches, in order to promote a holistic view of youth support.

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Bike academy

The bike academy offers a comprehensive further training service for municipal protagonists in the field of promoting bicycle transport. Workshops spanning between one to several days are offered at different sites, as are field trips led by experts with long-term practical experience.

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Difu debates on the future of cities

New insights into this issue are posed and discussed during this series of public lectures and open panel talks. The first part of the event is dedicated to a presentation of each topic, the second part being an open discussion. Afterwards there is the opportunity to enter into deeper discussion at the bar.

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