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Occasional Papers

    The "Occasional Papers" are a collection of articles in languages other than German that have been written for various events such as conventions and conferences.
     Circular Flow Land Use Management: New Strategic, Planning and Instrumental Approaches for Mobilisation of Brownfields   
  By Thomas Preuß and Uwe Ferber2006, 13 p.
     Creating Favourable Health Conditions in Municipalities - Local Agenda 21 in Practice   
  By Christa Böhme, Bettina Reimann, Ulla-Kristina Schuleri-Hartje2006, 26 p.
     Planning for the Unplanned: Tools and Techniques for Interim Use in Germany and the United States   
  By Nicole Blumner2006, 31 p.
     Public Private Partnerships: Principles, Opportunities and Risks   
  Lecture given in the course of AER CENTURIO INTERREG III Conference of the Assembly of European Regions in Ponta Delgada (Azores), 6 May 2005
  By Werner Heinz2006, 9 p.
     Public Private Partnership Projects in Germany   
  Summary of a comprehensive and up-to-date review of public private partnership (PPP) projects at federal, Land and municipal level. It includes information on the distribution of PPPs, project types, investments, obstacles and prospects of success. The German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) has carried out this study on behalf of the PPP Task Force at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing (BMVBW).
  By Busso Grabow (Project Manager), Michael Reidenbach, Manuela Rottmann, Antje Seidel-Schulze, Supported by the PPP Task Force at the BMVBW and the Technische Universität (TU) Berlin2006, 8 p.
     Contents of the Environmental Report - Practice test of the German Building Act in six German towns   
  Paper presented at the PlanNetEurope-Meeting, 14th May 2005, Paris
  By Arno Bunzel2005, 8 p.
     Monitoring - German implementation of Article 10 SEA Directive and practice test of the regulation   
  Paper presented at the PlanNetEurope-Meeting, 14th May 2005, Paris
  By Franciska Frölich2005, 8 p.
     Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Development - A New Model Project of Experimental Housing and Urban Planning (ExWoSt)   
  Translation of an article, published in PLANERIN, No. 3/2004, p.11-13
  By Uta Bauer, Eckhard Bergmann, Stephanie Bock, Franciska Frölich v. Bodelschwingh, Ulrike Meyer, Heike Wohltmann2005, 8 p.
     "New Media" and Urban Development - Virtuality and the Formation of New Spatial Patterns in Urban Areas   
  Paper delivered at the 4th International Bauhaus Kolleg "", Dessau, 22 October 2002
  By Holger Floeting2003, 20 p.
     Everything Anytime? Cities on their Way to Continuous Activity   
  Summary of the institute's publication: Matthias Eberling and Dietrich Henckel, Alles zu jeder Zeit? Die Städte auf dem Weg zur kontinuierlichen Aktivität, Berlin 2002 (Difu-Beiträge zur Stadtforschung, Bd. 36)
  By Matthias Eberling and Dietrich Henckel2003, 10 p.
     Garden Shows: Motor for Landscape Management, Urban Development and Industry   
  Results of a 2002 Difu study with external contributions and a summary of Difu-Materialien 6/2002 "Gartenschauen - Motor für Landschaft, Städtebau und Wirtschaft” in Stadt+Grün 11/2002
  By Luise Preisler-Holl2003, 20 p.
     Socially Integrative City Programme - An Encouraging Three-Year Appraisal   
  Chapter 1 of: Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik (Ed.), Die Soziale Stadt. Eine erste Bilanz des Bund-Länder-Programms "Stadtteile mit besonderem Entwicklungsbedarf - die soziale Stadt", Berlin 2002, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing (BMVBW) for the congress "Die Soziale Stadt - Zusammenhalt, Sicherheit, Zukunft" in Berlin, 7-8 May 2002
  By Heidede Becker, Thomas Franke, Rolf-Peter Löhr and Verena Rösner2002, 41 p.
     Preservation in Germany and the Study on Cultural Assets in Europe   
  Paper and questionnaire were published in: Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR), Criteria for the Spatial Differentiation of the EU Territory: Cultural Assets, Bonn 2001 (Forschungen 100.2), pp. 1-11, 107-115.
  By Claus-Peter Echter2002, 25 p.
     Migration Processes - Challenges for German Cities   
  Paper delivered at the Nordregio Conference "Spatial Development in Europe", Stockholm, 4 January 2002
  By Heinrich Mäding2002, 20 p.
     E-Government and E-Commerce - German Experience in the Construction of Virtual Town Halls and Market Places   
  Paper delivered at the International Symposium "Developing an Electronic Commerce Infrastructure: What Should be the Role of Governmental and Private Organizations?", Beijing, Tsinghua University, School of Economics & Management, 19-21 September 2001
  By Christine Siegfried2001, 16 p.
     Neighbourhood Management - A Key Instrument in Integrative Urban District Development   
  Paper delivered at the EURA-Conference "Area-based initiatives in contemporary urban policy - innovations in city governance", Copenhagen, 17-19 May 2001
  By Thomas Franke, Rolf-Peter Löhr2001, 23 p.
     The Urban Audit as an Instrument of Comparative City Analysis -   
  Paper delivered at the Conference "Stockholm-Berlin-Helsinki: Three European Capitals Facing the Future", Stockholm, 14-15 September 2000
  By Michael Bretschneider, Heinrich Mäding2001, 13 p.
     Recycling Derelict Land in U.S. and German Cities - Transatlantic Sharing of Approaches, Strategies and Visions   
  Report on a John J. McCloy Fellowship of the American Council on Germany (ACG), September 23rd to October 21st 2000
  By Stephan Tomerius2001, 47 p.
     Berlin 2000. A Selective Assessment of Developments after German Unification and Prospects for the Next Decade   
  Paper presented at the workshop "Cities in the Region” of the European Urban Research Association, Dublin, 13-15 April 2000
  By Heinrich Mäding2001, 19 p.
     Scenarios and Potential for Settlement Development with Economy of Space and Preservation of the Countryside
  Summary of a study for the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt)
  By Dieter Apel, Christa Böhme, Ulrike Meyer and Luise Preisler-Holl2000, 23 p.
     Virtual Cities?! - Telematics and Spatial Development   
  Paper presented at the "TAN3 Conference on Cyberspace and the Loss of Concentration", Berlin, 28-31 October 1999
  By Holger Floeting2000, 11 p.
     City & Region - Cooperation or Coordination? An International Comparison   
  Summary of the institute’s publication:Werner Heinz, Stadt & Region - Kooperation oder Koordination?Ein internationaler Vergleich, Stuttgart, Berlin und Köln 2000.(Schriften des Deutschen Instituts für Urbanistik, Bd. 93)
  By Werner Heinz2000, 11 p.
     The Future of Work in the City   
  Summary of the institute’s publication:Dietrich Henckel, Matthias Eberling und Busso Grabow,Zukunft der Arbeit in der Stadt, Stuttgart, Berlin und Köln 1999(Schriften des Deutschen Instituts für Urbanistik, Bd. 92)
  By Dietrich Henckel, Matthias Eberling und Busso Grabow2000, 14 p.
     Contrasts and Parallels - Cultural and Political Approaches to Identity in Succeeding East German Generations   
  Summary of the institute’s publication:Albrecht Göschel, Kontrast und Parallele - kulturelle und politische Identitätsbildungostdeutscher Generationen, Stuttgart, Berlin und Köln 1999(Schriften des Deutschen Instituts für Urbanistik, Bd. 91)
  By Albrecht Göschel2000, 11 p.
     Time Structures of the City   
  Case Study Bremen
  Von Matthias Eberling1999, 42 p.
     Model Cities: German Experience with Best Practice Competitions   
  Paper presented at the World Conference on Model Cities, Singapore, 19-22 April 1999
  By Heinrich Mäding1999, 10 p.
     Planning Cities for Children and Youth   
  Current Efforts in GermanyReport. 23rd International Conference on Making Cities Livable: The Fragmented City - Strategies for Saving our Cities, Santa Barbara, California, November 16-20, 1998.
  By Heidrun Kunert-Schroth1998, 20 p.
     Suburbanisation and Urban Development in Germany   
  Trends - Models - StrategiesStatement. International Conference on "Cities in the XXIst Century - Cities and Metropolises: Breaking or Bridging?", La Rochelle, France, 19th until 21st October 1998
  By Heinrich Mäding1998, 16 p.
     Space Demand and Traffic Development   
  Ways and Means of ReductionThis Paper was delivered at the International Conference on "Urban Ecology" in Leipzig, June 26th, 1997.
  By Dieter Apel, Dietrich Henckel1998, 11 p.
     Growing Discrepancies in Current German Urban Development   
  The growing economization of local authorities and public activities versus the increase in social segmentation and segregation
  By Werner Heinz1997, 16 p.
     Fields for Decision-Making on the Future of the City   
  Summary of the institute's publication: Dietrich Henckel u.a., Entscheidungsfelder städtischer Zukunft, Stuttgart, Berlin und Köln 1997 (Schriften des Deutschen Instituts für Urbanistik, Bd. 90)
  By Dietrich Henckel1997, 13 p.
     Local Climate Protection Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany   
  By Heinrich Mäding, Carlo Kallen1997, 22 p.
     Major Cities and their Peripheries: Frankfurt and the Frankfurt Region   
  This paper is one of six case studies prepared by a "Group of Specialists on Major Cities and their Peripheries" convened by the Council of Europe, Secretariat General, in 1995.
  By Werner Heinz1995, 31 p.
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